November 3-4, 2020

Athens, Greece



Centre International des Engrais Chimiques



Essential CIEC facts


The International Scientific Centre for Fertilizers is the oldest scientific organization solemnly dedicated to fertilization, founded in 1933. CIEC is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), organized as a task force with membership on invitation only, merged with CIEC-ASIA (founded in 2016) from 2019 on.


The presidium of the CIEC task force


*           President Lanzhu Ji (PRC)

*           Honorary President Ewald Schnug (D)

*           Honorary President Cristian Hera (RO)

*           Deputy President Xiaoyu Shi (PRC)

*           Vice President Dimitris Bouranis (GR)

*           Vice President Luit De Kok (NL)

*           Vice President Zhengyi Hu (PRC)

*           Secretary General Silvia Haneklaus (D)

*           Deputy Secretary General Jie Li (PRC)

*           Liason Officer for Environment Liankai Zhang (PRC)

*           Liason Officer for Industry, Yuanliang Shi (PRC)


CIEC´s past and present events


16 World Fertilizer Congresses (4 year rotation)

Rome (3), Heidelberg, Opatija, Zurich, Lisbon, Vienna, Moscow, Budapest, Nicosia, Ghent, Beijing, Chiang Mai, Bucharest, Rio de Janeiro, Shenyang, Pnom Phen (scheduled 2022).


27 Fertilizer Symposia (annually)

Vienna (2), Benghazi, Brauschweig (3), Balatonfured, Nicosia, Berlin, Salamanca, Kusadasi, Pulawy, Suceava, Tokat, Debrecen, Pretoria, Ghent, Cairo, Rome (2), Goslar, Santa Clara, Bari, Helsinki, Son, Coimbra, Groningen, Guilin, Athens.