December 1, 2019

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February 11, 2020

Extended deadline for abstract submission

February 11, 2020

Extended deadline for registration

February 23, 2020

Extended deadline for short paper submission

March 16-20, 2020




The 28th CIEC symposium is thematically dedicated to issues of plant nutrition, soil science, fertilizers, and fertilization with special view to Mediterranean environments.

The event is hosted by the PLANTERRA Institute for Plant Nutrition and Soil Quality of the Agricultural University of Athens and the Hellenic Fertilizers Association.

Contributions in the following general research areas are welcome:

*                       Fertilizers and fertilization

*                       Plant nutrition and nutrient use efficiency

*                       Soil fertility

*                       Environmental issues in fertilization

with special focus on the subsequent thematic clusters:

*                       Stabilized fertilizers

*                       Slow release fertilizers

*                       Nutritive biostimulants

*                       Fertilization for stress alleviation

*                       New technologies for diagnosis and fertilization

*                    Sulfur, silicon and beneficial elements